Validation of etilometers

Since February 2018, TMS CEE doo has included the service of validation of etilometers. Validation is made every six months or before this deadline if any service interventions on the device occur. The laboratory is located at Rudnička 2, Belgrade, and services are provided in agreement with service center and manufacturers of etilometers.

 By the decision of the Directorate for Measures and Precious Metals, no. 393-4 / 0-02-4410 / 3 since 29.01.2018. we got the authority to perform the tasks of the first, regular and extraordinary validation of etilometers.

Therefore, we ask all interested to come to us with:

* Submitting the verification requirements in accordance with the form that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page

* If you remove the old stamps from the device, also submit the list of removed stamps, by device

* To deliver the appropriate mouthpieces with the devices

* To announce in advance the larger amounts of devices you plan to bring to the certification

The amount of the fee for verification of etilometers will be in accordance with the Regulation on the amount and method of payment of fees for conducting the validation of device, metrological expertise, testing the type of device, testing of previously packaged products and other activities in the field of metrology, "Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia" 68/2010, 72 / 2010 and 50/2013 respectively:

1. 450,00 RSD for validation of the etilometer, per piece,

2. 2400,00 RSD according to the Certificate of Authentication, per etilometer, per piece

In total: 2850,00 RSD per etilometer, for which the authorized body issues an invoice

3. 320,00 RSD Republic administrative fee on request and per etilometer. This amount is paid to the account of the Budget of the Republic of Serbia - with the purpose of the Republic's administrative fee. It is necessary to provide proof when submitting a request For the payment of Republic administrative fees.

The total amount of fees is paid in advance.

Contact persons:

Duško Runjaić 060/555-79-18

Stefan Milošević 065/888-79-15

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