Organic production

Organic production is the production of health-safe, quality food in an environmentally sustainable way. The objective of organic agriculture is to improve the health and productivity of mutually dependent communities, the life of land, plants, animals and humans. This means: the use of natural resources in a sustainable way, the development of organic agriculture while preserving the eco-system, maintaining and increasing the fertility of the land, and reducing all forms of pollution. Organic production methods involve the application of natural processes and substances, and limit or completely eliminate the use of synthesized agents.

In the areas of organic production, the role of the bodies that carry out control and certification is inevitable, and the TMS CEE has recognized this role in the right way. TMS CEE performs control and certification in accordance with national legislation in order to promote organic production, its significance, and help to ensure and maintain the trust of producers and consumers in organic products.

TMS CEE is authorized by the competent ministry of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the Law on Organic Production ("Official Gazette of RS" No. 30/10) and the related regulations for carrying out control and certification activities in organic production (http: //vvv.dnrl / dokument / dokument.html). The TMS CEE code is RS-ORG-002.

Also, TMS CEE is accredited for carrying out certification of products in organic production by the Accreditation Body of Serbia in accordance with the SRPS EN ISO / IEC 17065: 2016 standard. Accreditation data for TMS CEE:

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