Certification of steel

In accordance with the applicable national regulations, prior to the delivery of steel for concrete reinforcement to the market of the Republic of Serbia, It is necessary that the manufacturer, his representative, importer or distributor to obtain the certificate of conformity prescribed by the Decree on technical and other requirements for concrete reinforcing steel ("Official Gazette" RS "No.35 / 15 and 44/16).

The regulation applies to concrete reinforcing steel that is embedded in concrete structures in the form of:

a) Rods, rolled wires, drawn wires and products obtained by unwinding the coils unloading of the coil

b) Tables of machine-welded mesh fabrics

c) Truss carriers

Compliance assessments in accordance with this Regulation, at the request of the manufacturer or his representative, shall be carried out by the designated body.

TMS CEE carries out a conformance assessment process that includes: factory production control, initial type testing, and continuous monitoring of factory production control and control testing. The conformity assessment activities are carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, the Institute for Materials and Structures, the Material Laboratory and the GOŠA Institute, the Institute for Testing and Control, Smederevska Palanka.

The certification procedure carried out by TMS CEE is described in TMS PR 05, General Rules for the Certification of Steel Concrete Reinforcing Products.

TMS CEE has been appointed by the competent Ministry of Civil Engineering, Transport and Infrastructure for the implementation of the assessment of the conformity of steel for concrete reinforcement (http://tehnis.privreda.gov.rs/infrastructure-quality/value-convincing/implementation-trade-for- assessment- Agreement.html). The notified body number is I 049

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