We provide services manufacturers and operators in the railway industry.

The services are in the following areas of railways:

  • signaling devices,
  • railway infrastructure,
  • certification of railway vehicles,
  • technical documentation,
  • approval, certificate, confirmation.

Today it is especially important, our services concerning the certification of railway structure and rolling stock, which are again using our wagons today on European lines.

Wooden Railway Sleepers Testing

Railway sleepers are an important part of the railway infrastructure. Meeting the requirements of standards is a vital condition for the safe and economic operation of railway transport. The compliance of railway sleepers with standard requirements is a task performed by independent, unbiased and professional compliance assessment bodies.

TMS CEE doo owns an ATS certificate as a Type A assessment body for railway sleepers testing, Certificate No. 06-047 pursuant to SRPS ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard.

Our experts have extensive and respectable experience in wooden railway sleepers testing and will ensure the delivery of standard-meeting sleepers only.

The control procedure we follow includes:

  • Controlling the Quality of Sleepers before Impregnation (determining the dryness of the sleepers before acceptance),
  • Production Control,
  • Controlling Impregnation Procedure and Quality.

The testing and assessment of compliance of sleepers are performed pursuant to the Rulebook on Technical Conditions and Maintenance of the Upper Elements of Railways, SRPS EN 13145:2013 and DIN 68811 standards and other relevant standards and regulations.

If the sleepers meet the defined requirements:

  • Report is prepared, i.e. Certificate of Control of railway sleepers is issued
  • An assessment of the compliance of sleepers with the defined requirements is made.

The control of railway sleepers is an important and necessary procedure which must be approached with great care and with complete responsibility. By hiring TMS CEE, you can be certain you will get the best service, which is additionally covered by professional liability insurance.


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