Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) is a system based on networking a large number of companies from all parts of the world and from all industry sectors, designed to help organizations for managing performance data and work practices in their supply chain. Members benefit from being able to publish their audit reports directly so that they are available to all SEDEX members.

SEDEX members agreed on a Best Practice Guide, a common methodology for improving verification standards and promoting mutual acceptance of reports. In addition to the principles of the ETI Base Code, SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) also reviews performance related to employment, ethical business, management system and implementation of these requirements, subcontracting, occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

Duration of audit is from one to four days at the location of the audited organization, depending on the number of employees. At the end of the audit, a plan of corrective actions is presented and the report is entered into the SEDEX database. Upon completion of the audit process, compliance with the corrective action plan is verified with clients.

. Benefits for SEDEX members:

- improved supplier relations and supply chain management;

- protected and improved reputation and reduced reputation risk;

- improved competitive position for suppliers;

- demonstrated commitment of all parties to improve ethical performance;

- trust of customers / suppliers in the application of ethical work practices;

- transparency and trust through SMETA audits - independently verified compliance;

- an assessment based on a jointly established methodology of SEDEX members based on international standards and best      practice examples.

Benefits for audited organizations and their employees:

- Fair, safe and equal working environment;

- Improved working conditions;

- Fair and continuous improvement of ethical practices;

- Culture oriented towards occupational health and safety and environmental


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