ISO 14001

Today's organizations are required through environmentally conscious activities, and those activities which can help to conserve resources. The goal should always be to strengthen the economic and environmental conditions of today for future generations. 

The following conditions can help to achieve this goal: Active engagement in environmental protection is a corporate commitment that is achieved by realization of environmental policy through a continuous process of improvement. System definition of environmental protection with the objectives and tasks and their specific implementation in environmental programs clear documentation structure, responsibilities and processes and appropriate education employees. The systematic, objective and timely audits of the management and efficiency of top management. Using a system of environmental management as ISO 14001 and / or EMAS can be structured and efficiently organize the above activities in your organization. The certification checks your system allows you exposure to the efficiency of your environmental activities to the general public, government institutions, employees, customers and business partners, as well as the possibility of realizing a positive image and make explicit the responsibility towards the environment of medium.

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