Family Friendly Enterprise

What is Familly Friendly Enterprise certificate?

Companies and organizations have an increasing awareness of social responsibility and the impact of information that communicate to its employees and other stakeholders. They are aware that behind their success are employees, which are a key element of the work process. Their satisfaction and loyalty are essential for the successful development and growth of the company. The effects of corporate social responsibility is not only short-term and immediate but they returns and long-term positive results

Family Friendly Enterprise certificate is a process that is based on the principle of socially responsible organizational management, with a focus on the reconciliation of work and private life

Certificate represents a long-term advisory procedure that provides positive effects through the reconciliation of work and private life, and maintains a competitive edge with a positive economic effect on society.

The procedure for obtaining a FFE certificate?

Through the certification process, company/organization sets and introduces specific goals and measures. Based on internal evaluation, the company with the help of professional advisers, prepare an action plan for the implementation of measures in order to ensure better management of work processes and improving the quality of the working environment for better reconciling of work and private life After positive evaluation of selected measures by an independent comitee of auditors company/organization approves the basic certificate Family Friendly Enterprise.

After 3 years, it is estimated whether the selected measures were implemented and the objectives achieved. If yes, the company is granted Full certificate Family Friendly Enterprise, which holds if she has been selected new measures for the next three years. During the process, the organization must follow the plan of implementation of selected measures and activities that are set for them. During the process, their work is monitored by the advisor on the basis of annual reports.


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