​ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) Ratings

ESG rattings reffers to three key factors in process of assessment and measuring os sustainability impact of an investment in a company or business. These factors are: environmental concerns, social concerns and corporate governance concerns. Typical environmental element includes: use of natural resources, energy efficiency, water and air emissions, waste generation, carbon emissions, sustainability initiatives. Some of relevant social elements are: employees healt&safety, human rights, privacy/data security, employee training, diversity/opportunity policies, community programms. Governance elements covered by this type of assessment are: business ethics, shareholders rights, stakeholders communication, management commitment.

ESG audit process help to better determine future financial performance of company, including related risks.

ESG audit includes the following activities:

·        Review of submitted documentation by the client

·        Preparation of on-site Audit and development of the Audit plan

·        On-site Audit consisting of discussions with management and part of employees, site visits, on-site review of documentation

·        Summarizing on-site results and sharing information with the client

·        Review of all evidences and formation of findings

·        Issuance of the final Audit report

Benefits for organization of ESG audits and ratings:

·        build corporate reputation with customers

·        comply with law regulation

·        explain business strategy more clear

·        demonstrate proper risk management

·        respond to investors and customers requests

·        demonstrated cost saving

·        respond to competetive pressure.

Expectation of main interestied parties from companies which have in place realized ESG audits:

·        Investors want to invest in companies that are active on sustainability aspects, as they perceive them as safer in the long term

·        Employees want to work for companies that have a high impact on society, an ethical behavior and that facilitate work-life balance

·        Clients prefer seek environmentally-friendly products and services and transparency in the supply chain


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