Welding: equipment, staff, facilities

Welding: equipment, staff, facilities

  • Certification of welding facilities according to the requirements of the standard EN 1090-1, EN 15085-2, ISO 3834,
  • Attestation and certification of welders according to the requirements of the standard ISO 9606 i EN ISO 14732 i AD 2000-HP3,
  • Making qualifications for welding procedures (WPQR) according to the requirements of ISO 15614 and ISO 15613 standards.

Certification of personnel

The elementary preconditions for each production company are requirements for having available trained and certificated personnel. For all companies, the most wanted is certified personnel for welding and brazing processes.

At the moment, TMS CEE doo can issue certificates for welders, welding operators and brazers in accordance with following standards:

Welders – fusion welding of metallic materials

SRPS EN ISO 9606-1:2017, Fusion welding, Part 1 Steels

SRPS EN ISO 9606-2:2009, Fusion welding, Part 2 Aluminium and aluminium alloys

Welding personel – operators

SRPS EN ISO 14732:2014, Welding personnel - Qualification testing of welding operators and weld setters for mechanized and automatic welding of metallic materials

Welding personel – brazers

SRPS EN ISO 13585:2013, Brazing - Qualification test of brazers and brazing operators

In order to start certification process, person must fill the form tms_so_01, Application, which can be downloaded from our web site www.tms.rs  

The certification procedure carried out by TMS CEE is described in TMS PR 08, General Rules for the Certification of Personnel.

List of issued certificates are available in TMS CEE, in accordance of Law on personal data protection „Official Gazette RS“, 87/2018. You can send request on office@tms.rs.


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