Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive TPED

Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive TPED

From 1 July 2010 Directive on transportable pressure equipment TPED – 2010/35/EU is applied in EU Member States for conformity assessment of new bottles for technical and cryogenic gases. From 1 July 2005, the area of application of this directive was extended to barrels, bottles for batteries and tanks for gases for Class 2 of ADR/RID.

TMS supports you by:

  • Counseling and training on the implementation of the directive of transportable pressure equipment,
  • Conformity assessment of new transportable pressurized equipment and re-assessment of compliance,
  • Existing (“old”) portable pressure equipment by rating, certifying and overseeing of your Quality management systems for module 2 (periodic inspections with quality assurance).



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