Pressure Equipment Directive PED

Pressure Equipment Directive PED

Pressure equipment directive (PED – 97/23/EC, from July 2016. 2014/68/EU) was adopted in the European Union on 29. May 1997. The application of this directive includes the responsibilities of the manufacturer, authorized experts for monitoring and state institutions. Pressure equipment directive is responsible for establishing a system of free movement of goods within the EU for the products to which it relates. Each product that is compliant with the requirements of the directive obtains the freedom of movement in all countries members of the EU.

If you produce pressure vessels, steam boilers, pipes, heat exchangers, safety equipment and other equipment under pressure you want to export to the EU, you must fully meet the requirements of this Directive and chose a notified body.

TMS is your partner when it comes to interpreting the requirements and the selection of the compliance assessment procedure that is the most suitable for your needs. We will advise you on which category your product must be placed in and what modules of compliance assessment you can choose from. In this sense, some modules of the Directive allow the company to choose if she wants her products controlled by a third party or if you want to do it yourself as a part of the quality management system which is controlled by an authorized body.



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