BRC is a global food safety standard, incorporating the basic principles of retail establishments standards, and is constantly being revised to reflect both the retail and supplier requirements at the same time. It provides a powerful framework that helps manufacturers make safe food, manage product quality and meet customer needs and expectations.

The standard requires the adoption and application of HACCP principles, the establishment of a documented quality management system, as well as the application of standards for controlling the factory environment, products, procedures and staff.

The relationship between the users of standards and their suppliers has been recognized by those who have been involved in the development of guidelines for providing due diligence for protection, as well as through the significant impact of retail sales on product product formulations and standards related to the factory environment. The responsibility for the safety and legality of the product is shared between suppliers and retailers.

The goal of the BRC standard is to define quality and safety criteria within the production organization to deliver food to retailers, their suppliers or other users of the standards. The form and content of the standards are such that they permit checking the premises of the company and its operating procedures from a third party, based on the requirements of the standard.  

The principles of BRC standards are:

• diminishing the possibility of double assessment,

• work and cooperation with accreditation bodies to ensure that the accreditation process results in effective control and maintenance of standards,

• encouraging "local" assessment,

• ensuring openness, transparency and compliance with trade laws,

• promotion of the direct participation of retail owners in the development and maintenance of the system, participation in the technical supervision committee,

• continuous review

and improvement of standards and support processes.


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