About us

The History

     The history of TMS connects the roots of industrial revolution, the German tradition of security, Eastern European transition to a modern economy and requirements of today’s economy of change.

  • 1866. in Mannheim, the forerunner of today's TÜV was created, with a mission to "made progress safe"; 
  • 1949. „Jugoinspekt“ was founded as an organization for inspection, with the longest tradition in this region; 
  • 1990. in Ljubljana (Slovenia, Yugoslavia) a joint venture TÜV Bayern Munich (60%) and Inspekt from Ljubljana (Jugoinspekt): "TÜV Bayern Sava doo" was established; 
  • 2001. TÜV Bayern Sava founded TÜV Bayern Sava Office in Belgrade;   
  • 2010. TÜV SÜD AG Munich formed a subsidiary TÜV SÜD Serbia doo by acquisition of a small organization for inspection and the merger of the former Representative Belgrade. 
  • 2013. TÜV SÜD Serbia doo changed its name to TMS CEE d.o.o. and becomes „Cooperation Partner of TÜV SÜD“.

     TMS (Technical & Management Service) is a regional brand and Cooperation partner of TÜV SÜD for the area of Central and Eastern Europe which in more efficient and flexible manner provides services to the TÜV SÜD standards.

Today (2018), TMS companies exist in:

  • Russia (for the territory: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia), 
  • Serbia (for the territory: Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Serbian Republic) and, 
  • Ukraine.

Company details:

Our team

Boško Gavović


Aleksandar Kolarević

Executive director

Tatjana Miljević


Kruna Gavović

Director of Marketing and TMS Academy

Jovan Babić

Operations Manager for MS

Ivan Stojčić

Operations Manager for IS

Darko Jovanović

Advisor of the Director for IS

Dragan Jovanović

Inspector IS

Zorana Veličković

Inspector IS

Marko Maričić

Inspector IS

Stefan Milošević

Inspector MC

Duško Runjaić

Inspector MC

Danijela Kunarac

Operational Assistant IS

Dragica Milošević

Lead Auditor

Miljana Savić

Quality Manager MS

Nikola Rajković

MS Administrator

Jelena Milenković

MS Administrator

Mirjana Bajić

MS Administrator

Nemanja Petrović

Auditor MS 1

Bojana Stanković Todić

Certification manager for Organic Production

Marija Miljković

Academy Coordinator

Marina Radulović

Financial Assistant

Jelena Miletić

Business secretary